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Here you will find links and information on albums that I have tracks on and anything else that might be interesting in the DJ and mash-up communities!


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I hope that you enjoy my mash-ups, I earn absolutely nothing from them as the copyright remains with the original artists. However, if you find that you have some kind of disposable income, please feel free to donate some Wonga via Paypal to help towards the running costs of this site, thank you!

Current Venues

Now, every...



 you can find me at...

Bunga Bunga

37 Battersea Bridge Road

I'll be playing some fun party pop and hosting the karaoke and introducing the live acts. It's gonna be a lot of fun! :-)

Listen to an interview about the venue broadcast on the BBC World Service...

Mash-Up Albums
24 July 2013
The All New Sound Unsound
Few musical labels have attained the lasting impression of the MOTOWN label. The artists signed in that divine past have endured by sheer listeners desire into this modern era through extreme talent, emotion, and inspiration. Allow us now to celebrate the gift they bequeathed upon us with this all-new SoundUnsound MOTOWN MASHUPS album.

I'm lucky enough to have two tracks on this double album! :-)


21 June 2013
Summer Booty 2013
funny mash-ups compilation
The 7th Annual Album of fabulous Summer Mash-Ups!

Make it your Soundtrack to the Summer!

I'm lucky enough to have three tracks on this triple album! :-)




June 2013
funny mash-ups compilation
Great album of rather odd mash-ups!

See if you can guess which are my tracks! :-)




Thursday 23 June 2011
Summer Booty 2011
Your Soundtrack to the Summer!
I'm lucky enough to have two tracks included on this fabulous Summer Booty Album. Get it Now!





Monster Mash-Up
Halloween 2010

Here's the trailer for this years Halloween Mash-Up Album. I'm lucky enough to have a track included along with some great mash-up producers.

Get the album here...

Chillax - Come Down...

The Summer Party Season is over and it's time to Chillax

I'm lucky enough to have a track on this great wind down album to polish off the Summer of 2010!

The links for downloads are :

Chillax Disc One

Chillax Disc Two

Bastardo Flamenco

An interesting concept to make a mash-up flamenco album!

It was interesting to do and I have 2 tracks included. Please download and take a listen, there's bound to be something on there that you like!

Click the artwork to get the album.

Here's one of the tracks that I made for this album!

Chambao are a modern electronica flamenco band. Bullet in the Gun is one of my favourite dance tracks and I was happy to be able to combine the two.




Summer Booty 2010

The soundtrack to your Summer! I have 2 tracks on this album!

Summer Booty 2009

I'm lucky enough to have a track on this album!

Summer Booty 2008

I'm lucky enough to have 3 tracks included on this album!

It's to Laff

Go On It's Funny
by DJ Useo

I have a track on this new album, see if you can guess which one?

Download here

Sound-Unsound Booty 2008

The Second of the Summer Booty 2008 Albums  from the Sound Unsound Network team.

I'm lucky enough to have another three tracks included... Scissor Sisters vs. Madonna vs. Shakira, Estelle vs. Ace of Base and The Ventures vs. Black Eyed Peas Click the Album cover to download